Art mycélien, Dabo, 2022-2023

Série The Mushroom people, Woman with Applanatum hat, clay, gold leaf, pigment and ganoderma applanatum

Carnosum speaking, ganoderma carnosum

Lucidum in the sky with Faisant

Red belted polypore, ganoderma lucidum, glass eyes and faisant feathers

Mother & child Applanatum, ganoderma applanatum, feathers, beads

Blue eyed with antennasganoderma applanatum, carnosum, glass eyes

Amadou face, amadouvier, glass eyes

Flying hairy Amadou

Amadous, hair, faisant feathers, glass eyes

Lucidum old lady, ganoderma lucidum, amadou, glass eyes, wood

Fomitopsis family, Fomitopsis pinicola

Série The mushroom people, Who’s hiding there ?, raw clay, bees wax, pigments, ganoderma applanatum, feather

Concerned one, Fomes Fomentarius, glass eyes

Underworld’s gates, spore prints

My oldest friend, amadou, turkey tail, wood, faisant feathers, glass eyes

Access to the Underworld, spore print

Underworld’s face, trametes versicolor, feathers, glass eyes

Gavroche Amadou, amadou, birch bark, glass eyes

Underworld’s face, turkey tail, feathers, glass eyes 

Monsieur Novembre, boar skull, wool, tramète bossue, amadou and wood.

Grumpy grandpa polypore, polypores, glass eyes

Sexy carnosum, ganoderma carnosum

The book of life, spore print

Lady with Amadou & baby carnosum, clay, amadou, bees wax, pigments, dried polypores

Mycelium mask, turkey tail mycelium, deer skull

Turkey tail girl, clay, gold leaf, acrylic, bees wax, turkey tail

Underworld’s mask, turkey tail, feathers, glass eyes

Amanita, Spore print

Carnosum connection, ganoderma carnosum

Lucidum & Carnosum, ganodermes, glass eyes

Flying Amadou, amadou, feathers, glass eyes

Underworld’s face, turkey tails polypores, faisant feathers, sea shells, glass eyes

« Mon ami Célium » wood, ganoderma lucidum mycelium & fruits, glass eyes

Fomes family, dead man’s fingers, tramètes sclarées, wood beads